Muscle Building, Weight Management, and Nutrition For Adults

There are a lot of people that wish they had the strong muscle bound physique of the bodybuilding models thatare shown in the muscle magazines. It takes a tremendous amount of time, dedication, and hard work to achieve that kind of physique but if you apply yourself to a strict muscle building routine and diet it is possible to look like that. The top bodybuilding pros, past and present, have a unique advantage over most aspiring bodybuilders.

Complex Carbohydrates for muscle building This unique advantage is called genetics. While it is possible for anyone to be muscle bound, genetics can make it impossible to be elite. Nonetheless, if you follow the guidelines below you can be on your way to muscle

Mom always said, “eat your vegetables.” Well, mom was right. Veggies have carbohydrates in the form of fiber.
This fiber is like adrenaline for carbs. It makes them more efficient at building your muscle. Not to mention, it’s
just more healthy in general.

It is best to eat foods with lots of carbohydrates right after your training and on your off days. Complex carbs
are best but it is ok and pretty much essential to throw in some simple carbs as well. Just don’t over-do it! This
supports the repair and development of the muscle tissue quicker. It also makes your body process the carbs and in
turn kick in to insulin overdrive! You want this and your muscles want this. That way, the proteins do not break
down as fast as they would normally allowing your body to use it for muscle development. It is very important that
your diet be in line with your goals. Most of what you achieve in muscle building depends on the foods you eat.
That is unless you are a genetic freak. Carbohydrates are the fuel for your body and muscles. Carbohydrates even
affect the pump you get when lifting. Try going a week or even 2 days on low carbs. When you go to workout, your
muscles won’t get that full pump you are used to. You will stay as flat as a pancake. You need to take in around 2
to 3 grams of carbs for each pound of body weight. This is for bulking of course. Which is what you need to do
mostly to get a solid muscle base to build on.

As I stated in another post, you want to get in about 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So get an
extra boost before you go to bed by knocking down a protein shake or something else high in protein. Don’t go more
than 30 minutes after you wake without getting some carbs and protein in your body. You will prevent stored fat and
muscle breakdown this way.

When you are training you need to push yourself to the edge. This means being mentally strong as well. You
should never lift the same weight twice. By this I mean, if you are able to complete every rep on an exercise/lift
then you need to add more weight the next time you do that lift. Your last reps should be impossible to complete.
If they are not, you are lifting too light of weight.

Patience and persistence is the key. You are not going to develop muscle mass overnight. Slow and steady wins
the race as the tortoise would say. Keep your goals attainable and realistic so you don’t get discouraged or lose
hope. Anyone can do this but it is the people that don’t give up or lose their discipline that achieve it. Welcome
and Enjoy My Blog!